Barcelona March on.


One goal. Just one goal is all it would have taken. Had AC Milan managed to score with Robinhos late chance or indeed if they hadn’t hit the post earlier in the night, and the ball had crept inside the woodwork, we would perhaps be looking at FC Barcelonas elimination from the UEFA Champions League and after losing twice to Real Madrid two weeks ago, we would be hearing the inevitable “end of an era” nonsense that people have been suggesting recently.

The truth, unfortunately for Barcas rivals, is that with players like Iniesta, Xavi, Villa, Pedro and of course Messi the end doesn’t look anywhere near in sight for this great team. Sure they will have rough patches, all teams do, but with that group of players that team will remain in contention for all the top prizes for the foreseeable future.

Given that the Spanish league title is all but wrapped up, Barca can now focus all their efforts on winning their 3rd Champions league trophy in five years and that must be a worry for all the teams that remain in the competition.

One goal, and it could of been very different. 


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