Scottish Football – A Change Is Gonna Come?

“Its been a long, a long time coming, but I know, a change gonna come”

For Scottish Football that change is needed sooner rather than later.

Scottish Football has hit rock bottom. Sure its been in decline for some time, but the events over the past year have pushed the game over the edge. Lets look at the past year in Scottish football, the countrys most successful club have been demoted into the Third Division, the national team is on course to finish bottom of its World Cup qualifying group, meaning they will plummet further down the FIFA rankings and will be given an even more difficult task in attempting to qualify for the next campaign. Attendances have dropped, even although fans of most SPL clubs threatened to boycott their own teams if Rangers were voted into the SPL, and they then promised their clubs “sell out saturdays” to fill the void on the balance sheets, the sell outs never happened. The attendances have dropped, look at Celtic Park this season, on any given Saturday while watching Sky Sports Soccer Saturday and they have gone over to Parkhead, you are met by a sea of green…seats. 

We face the possibility of losing Dunfermline Athletic in a matter of days, and who knows what the future holds for Hearts. 

Talks are ongoing regarding change, but talk is cheap. We need action. Scotland must change, and it needs to happen sooner rather than later. 

We could create a new league system and even install top coaches at new facilities up and down the country. We could put ticket prices down and encourage fans groups like The Blue Order and Green Brigade to bring more colour to the game. We could even encourage a better style of football, pass and move instead of kick and rush. 

Yet even if we implemented all these changes, it wouldnt matter. We would still have our typical Scottish defeatist attitude to the game, we would still revel in being “glorious failures” – whatever that is meant to mean-. We would still have a very poor diet and national obsession with alcohol that pulls many talented youngsters away from the game and down dark paths. We would still be comparing ourselves to the English ( a country with ten times the population) instead of more realistic countries like Denmark or Norway. 
And at the end of it all, we would still be sitting around talking about how we need change, instead of actually going out and doing it. 

We need to educate kids with and without a ball, look at Ajax and Barcelona two of the best youth academies in the world, both based on basic solid principles transferable to any walk of life, teamwork, hard work, patience and efficiency. Too many youngsters drift out the game in Scotland and struggle to get a job after focusing their whole childhoods on their coach’s promise that “you will make it kid” . School work is cast aside and invariably being Scottish many turn to drink or worse. 

Our attitude and mentality needs to change, we are already being cut adrift from the European football mainstream, we need to find a way back in, it may take time, but with a change in attitude coupled with good, proper football and life coaching, we might just get there. 

It needs to happen now though, before its too late. 


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