Seasons Predictions

Now that the football season has begun or is just about to begin in most major European leagues, I figured it’s time for my predictions……

We will start with the big one. The UEFA Champions League, I know people will say I say this every year, but I really fancy Real Madrid to finally get “La Decima” although Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Chelsea may all have something to say about that.

In terms of domestic leagues here’s who I think will win each league championship

Spain- Real Madrid
Italy- Juventus
Germany- Bayern Munich
France- PSG
England- Manchester City
Holland- Ajax
Greece- Olympiakos
Turkey- Galatasaray
Portugal- FC Porto
Champions League- Real Madrid
Europa League- Tottenham

With the exception of England. I think many of the big leagues are foregone conclusions this season, In Spain as always you may as well toss a coin between the big two. The premiership will be the most competitive with Chelsea and the 2 Manchester clubs competing for the big prize. I fancy Man City just to pip Chelsea with Man United third. Spurs will make up the top four.

What’s your predictions for the season ahead?


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